Case Study: Retail Employee Scheduling and Timekeeping

Portland Payroll helps sportings goods organization save with time and attendance compliance, significantly simplified scheduling, and mobile management. Northwest Outfitters is a small retail chain tackling the obstacles of selling in the competitive outdoor sports...

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Case Study: Hotel Shift Management

Smart Scheduling for Hotel and Hospitality Portland Payroll helps hotel increase their bottom line with simplified scheduling and more efficient time and attendance tracking. The Bayside Hotel and Resort is a 135-room, 5-story complex which includes a hotel, two...

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Case Study: Restaurant Schedule Management

Portland Payroll helps restaurant transform schedule management, rein in costs, and maintain a loyal staff. Coat and Thai is a stylish Thai restaurant whose owners are planning to open a second location with hopes of franchising in the future. It deals with the...

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Swipeclock Workforce Management Hub Simplifies Retail

No two retail companies are exactly the same. Different products, different marketing techniques, and different target markets are just a few of the differences you’ll find in retail. But there is one common component in the retail industry and that is that each...

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