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Federal & State Government Websites & Phone Numbers

IRS Website

1-800-829-1040 Learn about federal tax & filing date information from IRS.gov. Visit IRS.gov

Social Security

1-800-772-1213 Find applications and learn about retirement and business services. Visit SSA Website


1-866-487-2365 Learn about regulations & compliance assist. with the US DOL. Visit DOL Website

US DOL eLaws

1-866-487-2365 Learn about laws & other resources for employers. Visit DOL eLaws

Oregon State BOLI

1-971-673-0761 Learn about the Oregon State Bureau of Labor & Industries. Visit Oregon BOLI

Oregon State DOR

1-800-356-4222 Learn about tax payers tips & information on payroll reporting. Visit Oregon DOR

Washington L&I

1-800-647-0982 Learn about the Washington Dept. of Labor and Industries. Visit Wash L&I

Washington DOR

1-800-647-7706 Learn about tax & reporting information filing dates. Visit Wash DOR

Resources for Starting a New Business in Oregon

Entrepreneurs, here is some useful informational resources on how to successfully operate a business in the state of Oregon. Here at Portland Payroll, we know how important it is to have information vital to your business close at hand. Opening a new business in Oregon is exciting, utilize the resources available on your path to success.


Learn more about business development, taxes, employee & workforce regulation in Oregon.

View Oregon Regulations

Oregon Employer Handbook

The Oregon Employer Handbook is a full resource on business and employment services including tax information.

View Employer Handbook

Oregon Secretary of State

At the Oregon Secretary of State you can register your business, find business forms and information on laws and rules.

Visit Oregon Secretary of State

Oregon Online Services

Oregon online services page is full of business resources. Find tips on tax credits, business support services and licences/permits or registration forms.

View Oregon Online Services