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In 2005, Portland Payroll was officially established in the beautiful state of Oregon. Our founders have been in the payroll services industry for 40 years. Since our inception we have evolved into a full service human resources, payroll time and attendance services provider. We have been able to grow our payroll services company by providing world-class, professional support and technology.

Workforce Management Technology

Our payroll services and HR services do what our clients need them to. We have a one platform, solution-based approach that allows for simple integration of key workforce management components such as payroll, HRIS and reporting. We know that a key part of providing a solution is understanding your business challenges and requirements. Take advantage of our complimentary consultation and learn how technology based payroll and HR solutions can benefit your company.
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As payroll professionals in Salem we believe the future of time keeping and attendance is in technology. That is why we offer many different time keeping and reporting solutions. We are persistent on staying up on the most advanced technologies to help our clients reduce the cost of labor. Some of the biggest inefficiencies in time keeping and attendance today are erroneous wages paid, manually preparing time cards and lost employee labor hours. We provide technology based time and attendance solutions focused on efficiently lowering annual costs.

Portland Payroll is trusted provider of payroll services, HR solutions, reporting  and time and attendance tracking. We care about our community and local businesses and strive to offer a personal level of service to our clients.

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Our history is grounded in payroll services but over the years we have evolved into a full service workforce management company. While our roots are still in payroll, we offer advanced, easy-to-use HRIS and time/attendance technology.

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At Portland Payroll, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer support on all of our services. Our clients have had great things to say about our professional and friendly team. We work hard at cultivating our relationships.

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Payroll Professionals Salem – Dedicated Support & Customer Service

Our clients deserve personal attention no matter what situation and we do our best to make sure they receive it. Over the years we have be able to be very successful at providing excellent support by dedicating our highly qualified professionals to work directly with clients with all of their payroll services.

My account representative actually calls me when she knows I made a mistake on my end … the personal attention to our account and the fact that they always answer the phone when I call tells me they care about our business.

Sandy – Universal Enterprises, Inc