Payroll Professionals in Oregon

A Letter From Our President Kevin Ohanesian

My uncle Eddie used to say,

It helps to have some gray in your hair—then people begin to listen to you.

By the same token, it’s good for a business to have some gray in its hair—that translates into years of experience, which instills confidence in clients and prospects.

Kevin Ohanesian - President | Payroll Services Oregon

How much gray does Portland Payroll have?

Portland Payroll is celebrating our 10th year serving the Portland area with our payroll services. But our roots go way back to the sweltering summer of 1977, when I was a 14-year-old boy helping my dad in the office of his company, Suburban Door.

My very first job was paying 20 employees every Friday. The lessons my dad taught me that summer—and for the next six summers—have remained with me for life. I fell in love with payroll.

And so Portland Payroll was born—born in the mind and heart of that teen-age boy who couldn’t wait for Fridays because he got to do payroll. And that love affair has continued more than three decades later.

Fueling Growth Through Exceptional Employees

Today I’m surrounded by a tremendous supporting cast of payroll professionals in Oregon—a skilled and impassioned group of employees who have also caught the payroll bug and greater Portland is the better for it.

In the nearly ten years since Portland Payroll was officially established, we’ve realized rapid growth, primarily because of the passion and positive energy we bring to our work with our payroll services in Oregon.

Don’t let our official established date fool you. Portland Payroll is plenty gray. Call Us and experience the Portland Payroll advantage—in people, in products, and in premier client service.

We look forward to serving you.


Kevin Ohanesian