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We realize how difficult it is to keep up with all the new rules and regulations that come down the pike every year. “What you don’t know won’t hurt you,” does not apply in the too-often uncharted waters of labor regulations. You must always be fully in compliance, and one mistake can be extremely costly. Your company can gain access to the same information and guidance that large corporations rely on to protect themselves from audits and penalties. At Portland Payroll, we have worked hard to develop human resource management expertise that we provide to our clients at a price that represents the best value for Oregon and SW Washington State employers.

Outsource your Oregon State, City of Portland, OR and Washington State Sick Leave Rule Tracking to Portland Payroll.

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Our HR Support Center is your one-stop resource for HR-related workplace information. We invite you to log in to find the answers, tools, and resources you need. Contact Us for more information.

At Portland Payroll, we provide our clients comprehensive human resources solutions. Workforce management software is an effective tool for reducing the manual work load of administrative tasks, decreasing labor expenses, and streamlining workflows. We provide dedicated support to our clients to keep operations running smoothly. We can help you transition from multiple systems to one integrated platform, and then help you fully benefit from all the tools and features. We also provide polices and procedures development, employee placement and retention programs, compliance tools, and employee relations.

Develop Top Talent

Make your company sought after by the top talent and initiate human resources programs to develop and retain them. Simplify employee performance tracking  and make better decisions with insightful reports and software.


Reduce Company Risks

Stay current and compliant on the employment regulations affecting your company. Make sure you are utilizing HR best practices and reducing the risk of making costly mistakes.


Manage HR Costs

Free up company resources by outsourcing expensive administrative tasks and focus on what you do best. Maintain better control over HR costs by standardizing and streamlining company and employee growth.

Outsource your Sick Leave tracking to Portland Payroll.

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