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Human Resources Services Portland

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Human Resource Management System Portland

We realize how difficult it is to keep up with all the new rules and regulations that come down the pike every year. What you don’t know won’t hurt you does not apply in the too-often uncharted waters of human resources services. You must always be fully in compliance, and one mistake can be extremely costly. Your company can gain access to the same information that large corporations rely on for HR. At Portland Payroll, we have worked hard to develop the human resource management system Portland needs, at tremendous value to you.

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HR Support Center- your one-stop resource for HR-related workplace information. Please log in to find the answers, tools and resources to address your Human Resources Services in Portland.

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At Portland Payroll we have the ability to give our clients customized human resources solutions depending what the companies needs are. Your company can utilize our resources and knowledge by having us support your employment related needs.

Human resource software is a effective tool for reducing the manual work load of administrative HR activities. Costs can be reduced by automating many processes by integrating specialized human resources information systems. We provide dedicated support to our clients to keep operations running smoothly.

Our capacities extend farther than just human resources consulting to assisting your company with comprehensive human resource solutions. We go beyond traditional staffing support by offering HR services for placement of qualified candidates,polices and procedures, employee retention programs, compliance, employee relations. The capabilities we offer extends to a full range of services created to meet our clients specific needs.



Make your company sought after by the top talent and initiate human resources programs to develop and retain them. Simplify employee performance tracking  and make better decisions with insightful reports and software. [clear]



Stay current and compliant on the employment regulations affecting your company. Make sure your company is utilizing HR best practices and reducing the risk of making costly mistakes to the company. [clear]



Free up company resources by delegating expensive administrative tasks and focus on what you do best. Keep better control over HR costs by standardizing and streamlining company and employee growth. [clear]