Portland Payroll E-Comp

Portland Payroll is excited to announce E-COMP, a pay-as-you-go Worker’s Compensation plan. With E-COMP, your premium is based on real-time payroll data rather than an estimate of annual payroll, which is a key benefit for small-medium employers with fluctuating staffing needs or unpredictable cash flow.

Why are so many Oregon employers switching from traditional Workers Comp Insurance to E-COMP?

It’s simple: save money, save time, avoid mandatory year-end audits, budget insurance costs monthly, avoid year-end surprises, have more control over cash flow, and gain real-time oversight.

Portland Payroll will find you the best price among multiple carriers.

To see if you qualify, click the button below to fill out a short application.

Check out our short video comparing E-Comp to traditional workers’ compensation insurance. You’ll get a quick education on an important component of your workforce management strategy…

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